Pro Tower with Tent $699

The Ultimate Salon Professionals pack is a great way to get started!  The System Pro Tower pack includes:

Pro Tower System, 2 applicators, 1 liter SunFX Premium Tanning Solution , Trio of Sample Solutions, 10 pairs Sticky Feet,  10 Thongs, Owners Manual, Training Dvd, 100 Before & After Care Brochures, 1 Portable Tan Tent and 2 year Factory warranty* on the Pro Tower System!

Professionally designed to be the ultimate Spray Tanning system, the SunFX Pro series puts everything at your finger tips and at the perfect height.
The award winning SunFX Pro Spray Applicators fit neatly into the spacious recessed area on top of the turbine, keeping it comfortably within reach of the operator. Incredibly lightweight, allowing you to easily position it in the optimum position within your salon, the SunFX Pro Spray Turbine takes up minimal floor space, an important consideration for any salon or day spa.
The ultra-smooth surface wipes down easily, allowing you to spend more time spraying and less time cleaning. Built from the very best materials, using high grade components, your Pro Spray Turbine will give you years of hassle free, reliable service.
Representing the perfect blend of form and functionality, the elegant Pro Spray Turbine is guaranteed to enhance the professional image of your salon. And with the release of the all NEW Pro Ambience Series, Spray Tanning never looked this good!

One Liter of SunFX Premium Solution of your choosing will provide 25 to 30 applications.Trio of Solutions Sample Pack – Try out the Sunfx Range of Tanning Solutions with our 3 pack of Sample Size Bottles!
SunFX Thong – Convenient and highly cost effective. One size fits all. Features true G-string rear for the least lines during tanning.

SunFX invented Sticky Feet as the ultimate hygienic foot protection for the client and your salon. Use to prevent stained feet and foot disease.
Sticky Feet also minimise the use of towels.
SunFX Sticky Feet don’t leave sticky residue like many inferior foam copies and are 100% recyclable.

*Conditions Apply