Body Products Collection

Every Spray Tan will benefit from a high quality before and after sunless tanning product


SunFX designed a range to ensure that your tan looks fabulous on day one through to day 7

Each before and after care product is designed to extend the life of your SunFX Spray Tan.

Using the same philosophy as our SunFX Premium Tanning Solutions they are filled with rich emollients and skin conditioning agents such as Vitamin C, Aloe, Shea, Jojoba & Coconut

These products are designed to compliment our Summers Secret Self Tanning Range for more info HERE


SunFX Body Collection- Cleansing Foam

This lush moisturizing foam acts as the perfect skin PH Balancer as well as extends the life of your tan by keeping your skin nourished & hydrated.

Infused with Aloe, Vitamin E, Coconut & Citric Acid to aid in skin protection & balancing your PH.

Clean crisp uni-sex fragrance based on bamboo and lotus tones

Hypo-Allergenic and designed to be used daily

Available : 225 ml Pump

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SunFX Body Collection- Hydrating Lotion

Many heavy moisturizers (ie body butter) can work away at your tan.

Our ultra-hydrating light  body lotion your skin will crave. Filled with natural extracts of almond oil, jojoba oil and restorative shea butter, perfect for dry damaged skin and extending the life of your SunFX tan.

Clean crisp uni-sex fragrance based on bamboo and lotus tones

A must have daily lotion

Available : 200ml Pump

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Body Polish

Use the correct exfoliating product for your tan- Not oil based

Ground walnut shell and pumice are combined with rich emollient properties to form a deep, exfoliating body scrub that alleviates dry, dead skin. Body Polish is ideal for use prior to waxing, shaving and ensuring you have as much of a blank canvas as possible for tanning applications. Best used in conjunction with SunFX exfoliating gloves.

Available: 200ml Tube

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Body Shimmer with Macadamia Oil

A truly beautiful tan is enhanced by the application of SunFX Body Shimmer. This is what you want not 2 hours worth of shimmer in your initial spray bronzers!

This beautiful crème creates a subtle shimmer and makes your tan look even richer. Made with a unique combination of ultra-hydrating, nourishing shea butter, sweet almond oil and macadamia oil, it will leave your skin feeling fresh and invigorated and glowing like never before.

It has a beautiful aroma and is designed to for special occasions, performances or everyday use.

Available: 200ml Tube

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