Achieving the Best Spray Coverage

The following steps will be your guide whilst spraying. Follow each step to eliminate the chance of missing any parts of the body. Remember, you can always go back over a section of the body if it has been missed. Always spray from one side of the body to the other. Don’t start in the middle and work out left and right as this can cause over-spray.

The back of the body should be divided into two sections. Shoulder to waist and waist to feet. Ask your client to face forward and lift their arms slightly to the side with their palms facing the ground.
When commencing spraying, start from the back of one shoulder working down to the waist. Using the up and down motion press your trigger on at the top and release it at the bottom. Spray from the shoulder down to the waist, then move the applicator to the left so the solution can slightly overlap the previous spray and then continue to spray upwards, not forgetting the rear neck area. Continue this until the entire back area has been covered. Then spray the back of their arms in one motion from the back of the shoulder down to the wrist being careful around the elbow area. Before spraying the lower area first check to see if the client has a crease line under the buttocks.
If so, have them point there toe to the ground and raise their heel. This will allow the area to be sprayed. Now spray from the waist down to the feet, making sure you lighten the spray by pulling away when you approach the ankle.

CAUTION: Feet will become dark and dirty looking if oversprayed. Then Spray the outer side of the back of the leg in a long continuous motion and then the inside of the back leg each time pulling away at the ankle. Repeat on the other leg.

Now stand and have your client take a ¼ turn to either side. Hold the client’s wrist and place your client’s arm facing forward. You will spray in a downwards motion along their arm from the neck to the wrist. Turn the arm so you can see the inside arm area. In one motion spray the inside arm area from shoulder to the wrist.

IMPORTANT: Avoid at all costs spraying the palms of their hands. Once the front part of the arms are complete, have your client lift their arm and spray from the wrist along the underside of the arm to the armpit area working your way down to the waist. A very light application is recommended for the armpit area. Once this area is completed commence spraying their lower section waist to feet. Have your client turn so you are able to spray the other side of their body.

You should now have your client standing directly in front of you. When starting the front of the body, spray in a downward motion only, between the collar bone and bottom of the breast or chest (this stops solution being sprayed into their face). Be careful not to over spray in between the cleavage. Lift client’s arms above their head and spray in a downward motion from just under their arm to under the breast. Once this has been done, spray remaining abdominal section. When spraying the front leg section, be careful not to over spray the knee section as this is a thick skinned area and will hold the solution easily. To avoid this, split the front leg into two sections: thigh area and calf area. Spray the upper thigh area to the top of the knee and then spray below the knee to the feet. Once this is done have the client turn their leg outwards and spray down the inside leg from the waist to the ankle in one motion. Now have the client bend the knees a little bit and spray a light cover over the knee section. You have now completed the front torso section.

Have your client stand in front of you with their hands placed flat out in front with their palms facing down and fingers slightly spread. Only spray from the wrist down to the finger tips. Angle the applicator so you can spray the left side of the hand, then the right side of the hands. Remember to apply only a light coat on the hands.

When applying solution to the face area, explain to the client what you are about to do so they can prepare themselves. Advise them, they will feel a mist like sensation and should hold their breath. The client must close their eyes. Move the applicator over the face area quicker than you would over the body. There are 4 strokes to spraying the face and neck area:
1st Down center of face.
2nd Have your client turn their head to the right and spray the left side of the face and ear.
3rd Have your client then turn their head to the left and spray the right side of the face and ear.
4th Have your client lift their head in an upwards direction and spray a light coat underneath the chin and neck area. This should be a very light stroke as you are naturally lighter in this area.

Now that you have completed the full body spray, step back from the client to see if there are any obvious marks on the body or if you have missed anywhere. If you feel there is no further spraying to do, remove the hose from the spray applicator and run the warm air over the client to assist in drying. A dusting of SunFX Finishing Powder can also be applied to body folds. The solution may leave a slight tacky feeling for up to 15 minutes on the skin. This is normal. Advise the client that excess bronzer may rub off onto clothing, but will wash out of most garments.

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