Solution Additives

We keep our core solution ingredients clean and simple to accommodate clients that have sensitivities or allergies.

To allow you to easily customize your solutions we have developed:

Enhancement Drops

To allow for you to boost your solutions with antioxidants & skin conditioning ingredients we have developed concentrated booster drops.

These come in 3 formulas so you can select the one or more specific to a client’s needs:

  • Soothe & Hydrate
  • Anti Aging
  • Anti Oxidant Mega Boost

Ingredients are made up of a selection of skin loving botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, caffeine & glycerin.

The addition of these will aid in DHA absorption, skin softening and hydration.

Enhancing Ingredient Benefits 

Today’s sunless client is in tune and invested in their skin. SunFX allows you to fine tune your spray tan to specifically cater to their requests.  You are also in control and can consult on ingredients you can now add to benefit their skin and sunless tan outcome. SunFX enhancement drops allow you to add skin nourishing and conditioning elements that also increase the uptake of DHA into the epidermis to improve color and tan longevity. Our mixologist has created 3 powerful blends to choose from. These antioxidant blends can be used together.

Scent Drops

sunless scent drops

Our Solutions are fragrance -free, however, we know some like to have a scented option. Adding a couple of drops to the solution adds a little fun as well as being helpful for those clients that experience a slight odor from the Maillard reaction. This skin aroma generally leaves the skin after 24hrs or after you have had a chance to moisturize the skin.

DHA Booster Drops

SunFX DHA Booster drops

These drops allow you to intensive tanning solutions by increasing the % DHA.

By adding 3 Drops to 4oz of solution you can increase 1%.

These are handy if you only wish to carry one level of Tanning Solution.


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