Changes in the Skin with a Spray Tan

The application of a spray tan differs greatly from a UV tan

Remember the picture in the previous topic. A UV tan is because of the production of melanin deep into the epidermis.

Where spray tan works on skinWhat happens with a Sunless Tan?

Sunless tanning products are not penetrating deep into the epidermis. They are working on the out dead layers of your skin. The cells higher in protein and amino acids.

When the spray tan solution is applied to the skin, the active component (Dihydroxyacetone) reacts with the dead protein of the skin found in the stratum corneum.

  • This reaction produces a browning effect that resembles a tan.
  • A sunless tanning product is making no changes to the deeper skin layers.

* We will cover in detail how exactly Dihydroxyacetone works later.

For now you need to understand the difference between UV Tanning versus Sunless Tanning.