Tanning Solution Ingredients

Sunless tanning solution ingredients can vary from a few key ingredients to a lengthy list.

All solutions will definitely contain 2 key ingredients – DHA and water!

In most you then have bronzer ingredients – FD & C’s or caramel covered earlier.

Then you have optional ingredients that fall under the following categories:

  • Skin conditioners & extracts- aloe, green tea, acai extract, Vit A, E & C
  • Preservatives- there are many types designed to prevent mold and extend shelf life
  • Thickeners- used to change the solution viscosity. Often to help reduce bleeding with used in an old style spray gun
  • Oils- help to combat the dryness caused from the alcohols can affect even DHA absorption
  • Alcohols- often included to either help dissolve the bronzers or quicken the drying if their equipment oversprays solution
  • Emollients & Humacants- helps to retain water within the skin
  • Emulsifiers – used to bind oil and water together
  • Fragrance- often to disguise the aroma from the alcohol and preservatives

The reason a number of these ingredients are included is to preserve and extend the shelf life and to prevent oxidation of the bronzers.

Others are used to change the viscosity (thickness) of the solution. These can be useful when solution is being used in an older style applicator that doesn’t micro mist quite as effectively as a spray tan applicator.

Ingredients such as green tea, aloe, Vit A, C & E are added as we know they play a positive part in helping maintain a healthy skin condition due to their  antioxidant properties. Softening, calming and moisturizing properties.

As the market has become competitive the trend now is to bulk up solutions with “extras”.

Next, we we will cover what ingredients SunFX chooses to include in our Solutions.