Is DHA Organic

  • SunFX DHA DOES have an ECO-CERT Certification, but clearly states this is NOT an Organic Certificate. Since DHA is derived from a natural biological fermentation process, it CANNOT be deemed Organic.
  • SunFX DHA comes from the largest supplier of DHA in the world, this company cannot supply our company (or any others) with a Certified Organic Certificate.
  • The confusion with our competitors is that they use the ECO-CERT Certification as being Organic – which it CLEARLY IS NOT.
  • SunFX chooses to call ourselves ALL NATURAL- ORGANIC as we felt this would be misleading for all concerned.
  • Remember, when reading ingredient listings, if a product such as Spray Tanning Solution ANY kind of alcohol and/or parabens, it cannot be called 100% organic.