Spray Tan Application Notes & Technique

Correct Spraying Technique

When spraying a client it is important that you keep the spray applicator in a level position to maintain an equal coverage of the solution over the body. For the most efficient coverage, the applicator should be kept at a distance of about 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) away from the client’s skin. The spray applicator allows the solution to be emitted when the trigger has been pressed. Remember, our SunFX Pro systems are designed to be used in an up and down movement only. Successful spraying will be achieved when the operator can move the applicator in an up and down motion while pressing the trigger in an on and off again motion. (refer to the video for a more concise understanding).

NEVER HOLD THE TRIGGER ON CONTINUALLY. This will cause excessive over-spray on the client and booth area and can lead to a costly waste of solution.

Application Speed

Move your hand at a steady pace. Speed significantly affects the application process.

The rule is simple: the faster your hand moves, the less solution will go onto the body. The slower your hand moves, the more solution will go onto the body. Practice makes perfect.

As you begin it is always better to go a bit slower with the applicator set on a lighter level.

Application speed can increase as your confidence grows. Always start spraying from a moving hand. If you point, then start spraying, you will find a heavier spray in that area. This will have to be wiped away.
Note: Generally a setting somewhere between 3 to 7 is correct, however, hand speed and the individual applicator will determine the setting best for you. NO TWO applicators are alike.

If you are not using our system, all these same principles will still apply.

Warning for Certain Body Areas

Different areas of the body will absorb the solution differently, such as the hands and feet. Hands and feet will grab the solution as they are drier than most other parts of the body and can feature thicker areas of skin. Reduce the spray volume at the gun and apply a lighter coat. As you get more confident, you can spray these areas moving your hand faster than other areas so less solution is applied.
In most cases a lighter application is best for the face. Some may prefer to leave the face altogether so that they can wear a bronzer in their make up. If so be careful to blend the neck area without heavy lines.
Avoid heavy spraying in the underarm area. A very light application will be more than adequate. Some clients may insist on leaving this out all together.
It is important for operators to maintain a regular pattern of spraying. This helps in 2 ways. Firstly, it allows the operator to become confident in their own technique which will become second nature after a period of time. Secondly, your regular clients will know what to expect and will move into the correct positions when needed.

Avoid Heavy Spraying

We advise against trying to achieve very dark levels of color. This can result in cosmetic problems and patchiness later as the tan starts to wear off, something no client wishes and this may affect their desire to return for more treatments. Clients may choose to be resprayed after a day or two to give them a naturally darker effect.

Mistakes During Spraying

If a mistake is made during spraying including over spraying do not worry. Simply dab the area with a towel to remove the offending overspray, especially while it is still fresh. Lightly reapply the solution and blend in.