Understanding SunFX Solutions

SunFX has developed a core range of solutions in both Standard and Rapid formulae using 2 different styles of bronzers.

Standard Solution

A standard solution is one that requires staying on the skin for at least 5 to 8 hours before the first rinse when the correct level is used for the skin type.

Remember, that the longer or shorter the time DHA is left on the determines the end result.

Our standard range come in 2 different bronzers:

  1. Original Tan– made with mineral bronzers, this solution develops as a sunkissed bronze tone
  2. Caribbean Chocolat– made with liquid caramel to produce a off the beach warm glow

Both come in 3 different strength levels.

Each level of solution has been mixed with a different degree of the active ingredient DHA to allow a different color tone to be achieved.

  • Light Summer   8%
  • Mid Summer    11%
  • Dark Summer   14%

Rapid Solution

A rapid solution allows for the bronzers to be rinsed off in 2 to 5 hours. The longer the solution is left on for the more DHA will be absorbed and the more intense the result.

These come in 4 versions:

  1. Original Rapid
  2. Caribbean Rapid
  3. Violet Royal– this is our new solution for 2023. Designed for clients with yellow & gold tones.
  4. Mocha Xpress – bronzers are a mix of mineral & caramel producing a warmer tone

As the names suggest for the first 2, they are the rapids of the standard Original and Caribbean Chocolat and come in 3 levels.

Mocha Xpress comes in 2 levels Dark (14%) and Ultra Dark (18%).

Violet Royal- is a time activated formula from 2 to 8 hours. The longer it is left on for the more color produced. The violet bronzer base will help disguise over absorption of DHA. This solution is jam packed with Australian Natives actives. To fully understand this solution click here


Specialty Solutions

We also offer a Speciality Range for those requiring “extra color” enhancement– for either competition, stage or just those clients that prefer an extra deep color. These range in DHA from 17% to 20%.

  • Showdown– think of this as Caribbean Chocolat Ultra Dark
  • Showtime – Original Ultra Dark
  • Mocha Xpress– Ultra Dark

Selecting A Solution


STEP ONE- Select the Bronzer

Our bronzers have been designed to suit all skin tones. Remember, it’s the strength of the DHA and the skin tone used that is the key factor that determines the long term color outcome.

We find that as a technician you will like working with certain ones on certain skin tones and this will only come from you sampling them on different skin types.


Caribbean Chocolat, Caribbean Rapid, Voilet Royal, Mocha and Showdown can be the safest choice when using the higher levels of DHA. Our Dark Summer Solutions are geared for skin types 4 and 5 which are often, but not always olive, yellow based skin tones. The bronzers in these can also help tone down any over absorption of DHA, especially the Violet Royal.

STEP TWO- Standard or Rapid

Discuss with the client if they have a preference for how long they like leaving the solution prior to their first rinse. This may also depend on the time you are spraying them.

If they are using a Rapid Solution make sure they understand the importance of following your rinse instructions.

STEP THREE- Select Strength

When first building your confidence and education following this strength guide:

  • Light Summer – popular for first time tanners, fair skin multiple application techniques
  • Mid Summer – A good one size fits all. Popular for those with some DHA-tanning experience
  • Dark Summer–  Popular for experienced technicians, olive or dark tones & those wanting max color

As you then critique you work (24hrs later) you can then gauge the solution and strength that meets your needs.

Understanding Skin Type

Skin Types or the Fitzpatrick scale is a scientific skin type classification system designed to divide skin based on how susceptible your skin is to the sun.

It is also super useful in determining the best Spray Tan Solution level for a client’s skin. Take a look at the below table and the suggested solution level





  • Skin Types 1 & 2 

Light Summer Levels



  • Skin Types 3

Mid Summer Levels

Dark Summer for olive



  • Skin Types 4 and 5

Mid Summer Levels

Dark Summer Levels




  • Skin Types 6

Dark Summer Levels

Showdown, Mocha Ultra & Violet


Quick Recap

What Solutions should I first start with: