What’s The Deal With Rapid Spray Tan Solutions

Due to time poor clients and those that simply don’t want to sleep or bake themselves in bronzers Rapid or Quick Tans have become increasingly popular with the sunless tanning community.
I’m often asked how does a Rapid Tan work and how do I know when I can rinse? So, I’ll try and demystify the industry jargon of 30 min tan, 60 min tan 90 min etc etc. In a nut shell, any Spray Tan Solution can be Rapid or the bronzers rinsed off in a decreased amount of time.
What needs to be considered is:

The clients natural skin tone & DHA absorption versus the actual % of DHA & amount (active ingredient) being applied to the skin.

The fairer the skin and the higher the % of DHA the less time that is required before the initial rinse. This rinse in effect halts any further absorption of DHA. For example SunFX Mocha Xpress Ultra Dark sprayed on a fair or cool toned person can be rinsed in as little as 30 mins if the client wants a natural sun kissed look, 60 mins will provide more intense color and so on.

How much color does a client desire?

You are going to need to assess the client’s skin, the strength of the Solution you are using, age of the Solution and the outcome desired. The lower the % of DHA and the more color required the long the product needs to stay on the skin. SunFX Rapid Tanning Solutions take the worry away for you with our Light, Mid and Dark guidance, however, you can use a Caribbean Rapid Dark Summer on light toned skin and they can them wash in 60- 90 mins. Or if you were to use a Caribbean Rapid Light Summer they could leave it on for anywhere from 2 to 4 hrs to achieve a similar result.

The age of the Tanning Solution and how it has been stored

These are important factors to consider as we know fresh, cool solution is always the best! Heat and age compromise the integrity of DHA- it losses potency & stability. Knowing the age of your product is imperative in understanding its potential for effect. With SunFX Tanning Solution you know that upon receipt of your order your Solution is at its peak. Our DHA is delivered refrigerated weekly and solution made and sold within the week. These are the questions to ask of any Tanning Solution supplier, especially if you are purchasing via a third party or purchasing a heavily scented solution (heavily scented is a reliable indicator alcohols and preservatives are ingredients).

Last but not least – manage realistic client expectations.

Care needs to be taken with high levels of DHA to ensure that you don’t overdose a client’s skin as this will potentially cause brassy hues. For a first time client err on the side of caution as we all know it is easier to go darker next time than take away color!

So my advice to you is: don’t get caught up in marketing jargon- consider the above and always know that a SunFX Tanning Expert is always available to give you a no nonsense honest answer.Does your client really understand the natural dark depth of color they can achieve whilst still looking gorgeous and natural