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Serums + scents

Elevate Your Sunless Tanning Experience with SunFX America’s Spray Tan Scent Drops and Potent Tanning Serums. Unleash the power to lock in moisture, hydrate, and enjoy potent antioxidant benefits for a radiant, sun-kissed glow.

The Importance of Spray Tan Scent Drops

Getting a flawless tan is a must. SunFX solutions are odor free, however for those people that enjoy a scented solution, that’s where our Spray Tan Scent Drops come in. They’re like magic drops that enhance every tanning experience.

You know that weird tanning smell that some skin types produce? These drops help make it disappear. Choose from options like Coconut, Tropical Burst, Cheeky Sunshine, or go for the classic Crisp & Fresh scent drops. It’s like a mini spa day while getting your glow on.

Potent Tanning Serums

If you want a tan that’s the real deal, you need to know about our concentrated Tanning Serums. These are like superhero tanning drops. They’re super strong and make your skin and tan look flawless.

Regular solutions can’t compete. SunFX concentrated Tanning Serums have advanced formulations, enriched with skin-loving ingredients and cutting-edge skin care technologies. Our potant tanning serums are designed to maximize the tanning process, ensure deep hydration, help with the aging process and improve tan longevity. Add a few drops of these wonder serums to transform your tanning products.

The concentration of active skin care ingredients in these serums accelerates the development of a natural-looking tan, providing users with a sun-kissed complexion that lasts. It’s a win-win for looking great and feeling awesome.