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The Truth Behind Skin PH

We are often asked do you sell a pH Prep Spray? Here are our reasoning’s as to why we have chosen not to offer this pre-treatment product for you to up-sell. Firstly, a basic understanding of skin pH is useful. The pH level of the skin refers to how acidic or alkaline it is. On a scale […]

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What’s The Deal With Rapid Spray Tan Solutions

Due to time poor clients and those that simply don’t want to sleep or bake themselves in bronzers Rapid or Quick Tans have become increasingly popular with the sunless tanning community. I’m often asked how does a Rapid Tan work and how do I know when I can rinse? So, I’ll try and demystify the industry […]

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Island Getaways

You’re probably feeling a sense of deja vu – with every website, brochure and TV advert promising the same golden sand at a range of destinations. How on earth are you supposed to know which destination to choose?

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Spray Tanning Solutions

Sunfx is proud to debut its brand new solution range for 2015. We’ve decided it’s time for a fresh new look. And we think you’ll agree our new packaging designs perfectly reflect the high quality standards you expect from Sunfx.

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Best Hotel Spas in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And because the house always wins, so will most of your hard-earned cash. But if there’s one thing you can expect to disappear in Sin City just as quickly as your savings, it’s your tan.

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Natural Vs Organic Spray Tan

Is there such a thing as organic spray tan?
In reality, natural products aren’t necessarily organic, and even products advertised as organic could contain a significant amount of unnatural ingredients.

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