Product Returns

At SunFX our return policy is very straightforward – we offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee for any product that is defective.

If at any time you find our products to be unsatisfactory, please contact SunFX America within 30 days of purchase date and we will offer a fair return or replacement solution. All returns are subject to a 20% restock fee upon receipt and inspection. Customer is responsible for all shipping fees to/from SunFX America.

For further information, please email


Thank you for purchasing your SunFX Spray Tanning System. Please read the following terms and conditions for refunds and warranty protection of your new SunFX tanning system and products.


System Refunds:

System refunds will only be recognized within a 7 day period from the date of delivery of product in writing to SunFX America. The goods are to be returned in a non-used condition and in their original packaging with all products and accessories included.

Solution Refunds:

Solution refunds will only be recognized where the product is deemed faulty and within one month of purchase. Solution must be returned at the purchaser’s expense and upon testing a refund applied if applicable.


This equipment is covered by a replacement 24 month warranty with an Extended Warranty option available (see Extended Warranty Option section below). It is understood that SunFX will repair or replace any SunFX product deemed to be faulty due to a manufacturing defect. It is also understood that all shipping costs to and from SunFX will be paid for by the purchaser.

The SunFX warranty covers faults in the SunFX Spray Applicator, Pro Tower or Mini while being used under SunFX correct operation procedures.

This warranty does not cover the following:

 Lost or stolen equipment whilst in transit.

 Damage or leakage caused by misuse of the applicator or system

 Failure to maintain proper operating standards and recommended cleaning intervals.


Pro Tower or Pro Mini Warranty

All Pro Towers and Pro Minis when experiencing faults must be returned to SunFX America LLC. There they are inspected by our technical department for warranty assessment. Hardware will be fully replaced under warranty when genuine faults are found. When faults are found due to user error and cannot be repaired, then a replacement system will have to be purchased.

Spray Applicator Usage and Warranty.

All spray applicators returned are inspected by our technical department for warranty assessment. Hardware will be fully replaced under warranty when genuine faults are found. However, all faults arising from user error that cannot be repaired will incur a replacement charge for a new applicator. If the applicator has been damaged by user error and can be repaired, the purchaser will be contacted and will be given the option to have the applicator repaired and serviced. A repair and service fee of $40 per applicator will apply. Any applicators returned to customers from SunFX Head Office will incur a return shipping cost to be paid for by the client of $15.00 or the customer can choose to have applicator shipped through their own delivery method. There is a 6 month warranty on all repaired and serviced products from SunFX.

Warranty Ceases if:

– The SunFX Product was repaired, serviced or interfered with in any way other than by SunFX America LLC or its approved agents

– The SunFX product was damaged by incorrect storage conditions

– The SunFX equipment is damaged by accident, misuse, or failure to maintain or clean equipment on a regular basis as specified. (See Owner’s Manual for further details)

– Solutions other than SunFX are used in the equipment.

– Systems and Applicator has not been kept clean


Extended Warranty Option:

The warranty on this equipment will be extended for a further 12 months, free of charge, if 8 liters or more of any SunFX tanning solution is purchased and paid for in the previous 12 months or on the day. The extended warranty is limited to a maximum period of 3 years from the date of the standard warranty expiring.

Address for Warranty Returns.

All goods being returned must be delivered to our head office and addressed to the following: SunFX America LLC, Warranty Service Department, 8370 Juniper Creek Lane, Suite 2, San Diego 92126. Contact us on 888 684 3010.




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