Island Getaways

Our insider’s guide to total relaxation

Planning an island getaway? If you’re already at the research stage, you’re probably already feeling a little spoilt for choice. After all, there are so many great island destinations to choose from, it’s hard to even narrow the options down to a hemisphere!

You’re also probably feeling a sense of deja vu – with every website, brochure and TV advert promising the same golden sand at a range of destinations. How on earth are you supposed to know which destination to choose?

Well, at Sunfx, we like to help – and we like to think a little differently. That’s why we’ve put together our picks for top island destinations, including our recommendations on the most relaxing places to visit – as well as some unique tips you won’t find in the tour guides…


Best place to relax:

If you’re planning a stay in or around Nassau, your trip won’t be complete until you’ve paid a visit to the esteemed Wellness Spa Bahamas.

Such is its commitment to helping its clients forget the world, the luxury day spa has been awarded a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. The spa offers a range of holistic massages, including Swedish, sports, deep tissue, and a “total relaxation deluxe hot stone massage.”

Something you won’t find in the brochure:

For those looking for a truly unique Bahamian experience, a visit to the island of Rum Cay is the closest thing to paradise on Earth you’ll ever find.

Popular with fishermen, surfers and kite boarders (but not tour groups), Rum Cay is unspoilt due to its relative inaccessibility and a tiny population of around 30. There are only a handful of places to stay on the island and it’s hard to reach even by private boat. However, that’s exactly why Rum Cay remains such a well-kept secret. Those daring enough to stray off the beaten track however will be welcomed by untouched beaches, friendly locals, stunning historical ruins and vivid coral reefs.


Best place to relax:

Sunfx is all about doing things the natural way wherever possible. That’s why we highly recommend some natural therapy at Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool in Nadi. As well as the beneficial effect the mud baths’ sulphur has on your skin, the locals believe the pools also offer spiritual cleansing.
Popular with tourists and locals alike, the hot springs offer a unique environment that’s totally relaxing while still being highly sociable.

Something you won’t find in the brochure:

Who wouldn’t be happy in Fiji? The locals certainly appreciate the laid back lifestyle and idyllic surroundings, with the Global Happiness Index naming Fijians as the world’s happiest people.

The reason for this could be because Fiji is one of the most guilt-free places to be a tourist.

That’s because in Fiji, sustainable tourism is the norm. The country takes every step imaginable to ensure tourism does not negatively impact the local population or environment – unlike destinations like Cambodia and Thailand. So you can enjoy the company of those friendly locals knowing your visit won’t take a toll on their beautiful country.


Best place to relax:

For an island break within an island break, take a short day trip to Menjangan Island. Located just 5kms off the coast of Bali, the untouched island offers total escape – because absolutely nobody lives there.

Take a boat run by the Bali Barat National Parks Service and enjoy having one of the world’s most beautiful islands all to yourself. Just remember to pack enough supplies as no inhabitants means there are no shops on the island.

Something you won’t find in the brochure:

Bali is a popular destination amongst Australian tourists, who are educated from a young age on the dangers of exposure to the Oceanic sun. Visitors from further afield however should ensure they take steps to avoid sun damage; pack factor 50+ sunscreen and wear a hat and t-shirt and seek shade between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the sun’s at its highest.

Better still, avoid the temptation of sunbathing by getting your spray tan before you go. Thanks to Sunfx’s Self Tan Travel Kit, you can keep your spray tan looking perfect throughout your vacation.


Best place to relax

Take a gentle stroll around the Tropical Botanical Garden in Papaikou and you’ll feel at one with nature almost immediately. Breathtaking waterfalls, stunning tropical plants and wildlife, serene ocean coves and spectacular vistas mean you can easily while away three hours in the incredible gardens before relaxing at the in-park tiki bar.

Something you won’t find in the brochure:

Most brochures make grand promises about their advertised destinations – like crystal clear water. But at Hanuama Bay on the island of Hawaiian island of Oahu, you can actually swim in some of the planet’s clearest water. Its incredible visibility means you can enjoy some of the world’s best snorkelling – or lie back on Hanuama Bay Beach with a cool drink and watch others enjoy it!