SunFX Solution Now For Automated Spray Tanning Booths

Yes its true!  SunFX Can Supply You With Our Premium Solutions For Automated Spray Tanning Booths

SunFX has received continuous requests for SunFX Solutions that can be used to refill your Automated Spray Tanning Booths. Salon Owners want to be able to offer the same high standard of All Natural/Organic Ingredient Solutions to all clients, not just those electing a technician applied tan.

You can now offer all your spray tan clients spray tans using SunFX Premium Solutions regardless of the application method.

Salons that we currently support are thrilled to be able to advertise that all Spray Tan Services use tanning solutions that only contain All Natural/Organic Ingredients.

SunFX Tanning Solutions for Automated Booths, like all SunFX Products, are infused with quality and trusted botanicals: Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Green Tea & Natural Coconut providing vitamins A,C and E.

We don’t need to remind you that SunFX Tanning Solutions are also free from: Artificial Preservatives, Alcohols, Parabens, Glycols & other nasties. As well as being Vegan, Gluten & Animal Friendly.

Can you imagine your Spray Tan Booth not having that distinctive heavy aroma, synonymous with Automated Spray Booths!

Whether you need a Refill in CLEAR or containing a BRONZER we have you covered!  Did you know that large orders can also customize their ingredient lists.

How do you begin to make the switch to SunFX ?

Just contact us directly for pricing and shade options 888 684 3010. Provide us with an invoice and we will price match.