Using a Self Tanner For Uneven Skin Tone


Not all of us are fortunate to have a glowing even skin tone.

Uneven skin tone affects all skin types and ethnicities. But there is a solution to help, especially brown and black skin. Here is where self-tanners or a professionally applied spray tan comes in.

Many people assume that the application of a gradual tan or spray tan is for one reason- to create a darker color than your natural skin tone. That is where you are mistaken!

The application of a fake tan works in two ways:

  1. The bronzers provide a level of temporary cosmetic color when initially applied. Super useful if you need an instant way to pull your skin tone together or cover large areas of skin pigment differences.
  2. The self-tanning ingredient most commonly used is called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), derived from plant sources, reacts with the skin’s protein amino acids producing pigments called melanoidins. These pigments impart the brown color we associate with self-tanning products.  The results are typically seen within a few hours of application and will last up to 7 to 10 days.

What Are The Benefits?

Armed with this knowledge we can see the potential benefits when used on black or brown skin. The application of DHA whether through a professionally applied spray tan or at home self-tanner will allow you to smooth out the uneven skin tone and provide a luminescent glow as the DHA will create color on the lighter skin cells.

How To Work Out What Tanning Solution To Use

When selecting the correct spray tanning product for brown or black skin, you will first consider the desired color tone or effect. This will then determine the DHA strength that will need to be applied. For instance, are you looking for a luminous natural glow that brightens and pulls together your skin tone. If this is the case, I would advise our Caribbean Range of Mid strength Spray Tanning Solutions. There you have the choice of Rapid Solution. This allows you to rinse the bronzers off in 2 to 4 hours. Or you can use the standard Caribbean Chocolate and leave on for 5 to 7 hours. If you are wanting a deeper color result, then you will need to bump up the strength so our Caribbean or Mocha Dark Summer would be more appropriate. Read more about our Tanning Solutions

At Home Tanning

For at home self-tanning color correction or enhancement you may need to apply a couple of applications. This is because these products have a lower % of the active ingredient to avoid people overdosing their skin and developing the dreaded orange tones. The positive is that you have full control and can apply more or less product to specific areas of uneven skin tone to custom blend your color.

Luckily, SunFX has several self-tanning options to choose from. Take your pick from Lotion, Mousse, Spray Can or Mist. All SunFX products are enhanced with super emollients to nourish and treat the skin as well as providing color. So not only do you get a luminescent glow, but a full skin treatment!

Prior to any self-tanning, whether at home or at a Salon, don’t forget skin preparation is vital for the perfect result and longevity. Click here to follow our expert tanning tips.

Why don’t you have some fun and give a sunless tan application a go!