What Makes SunFX Tanning Equipment the Best


SunFX tanning equipment can be found in over 25,000 locations throughout the world. This is not only because they have the worlds leading natural solutions but SunFX also have the world’s No1 professional Spray on Tanning Systems. Developed by world re-known designers and engineers and the winner of the prestigious Australian Design Award Mark, the SunFX Pro series systems represent the absolute pinnacle in professional design. Made in Australia to strict guidelines of quality and performance.


Extensive consultation with Beauty and Tanning Salons led the designers to make the new SunFX Pro series applicators beautiful looking, easy to use and comfortable to hold making large bulky industrial spray guns a thing of the past. The SunFX exclusive Ezy mist (patent pending) spray adjuster gives the tanning therapist ultimate control over their spray technique.


The SunFX Pro series systems enable the salon to achieve more than ever the maximum number of sprays per bottle and its specially designed spray applicator absolutely minimizes any wastage of precious tanning solution enabling salons to achieve even better returns from their investment than ever before.


Any SunFX tanning system will usher in a new level of professionalism to any salon. Your clients will instantly recongnise your new SunFX system and be confident that their tan will be applied with only the best equipment. SunFX have developed systems to suit every element of the market from the wall mountable Pro Mini series to the world famous SunFX Pro series to the SunFX SunStation tanning tower.


Our SunFX tanning system are made to last and last. They are made to suit the professional tanning market where salon and spas relies on their system to deliver the best tan, time after time. And this is so important when dealing with precious client like brides, formals and the like. Only SunFX can deliver over 15 years of technological experience to ensure your experience is the perfect one.


With national and international professional distribution SunFX guarantee to look after all your orders and customer support. And with extensive warranties SunFX offers their customer unmatched piece of mind! Being made in house by SunFX means any problems are quickly dealt with giving our clients un-matched peace of mind that no others can offer.