SunFX Accessory Pack


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SunFX has you covered

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SunFX Accessory Pack

  • SunFX has you covered with tanning accessories such as Sticky Feet, Disposable Hair Nets, Disposable G Strings and marketing support.
  • This sample pack allows you to try our disposable items before purchasing in wholesale quantities

This sample pack includes:

  • 1 pair SunFX Sticky Feet
  • 1 Disposable Thong
  • 1 Disposable Hair Net
  • 1 Before & After Customer Care Brochure

Customer Reviews

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for SunFX Accessory Pack

  1. Bella Beauty Company

    I received one of these packs for free with my new spray tanning system and it has been amazing. I love the sticky feet as they stay on my clients throughout their whole appointment, the thongs are great and easily disposable and I have the brochures at my salon so people know which brand I am using on their skin. Great little kit to see if you like all these things before buying bulk for a salon or at home tanning.

  2. Tiffany S

    Love this kit. I just do my spray tans at home and this kit is great when I have a special event and need all the things for getting my husband to spray me. Also, love these sticky feet. Best brand!

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