Original Rapid


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The Classic Sunkissed Bronze Tan in Rapid

Suits pink /red skin tones

  • Creates a warm honey kissed tan with a rinse time of 2 to 4hrs
  • Formulate with our signature mineral bronzers to match all skin tones
  • Infused with skin loving aloe, green tea & Pro Vit B5
  • Light weight & dry to touch immediately
  • Select the tanning solution strength that matches your natural skin tone for the perfect result
  • Odor free
  • Streak free
  • To increase the uptake of DHA and provide a full skin conditioning treatment try adding one of our unique serums



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Original Rapid

The perfect choice for those who like to rinse their bronzers off quickly

  • Rapid tan bronzer provides a realistic color and is indicative of the long term color
  • Select from Light, Mid, Dark depending on your natural skin tone
  • Developing time 2 to 4hrs before first rinse when the correct level is matched to skin tone
  • Time activated – the longer left on the more color
  • Achieve a hint of color through to a gorgeous bronze tan
  • One application 30-40mls
  • Tans with proper care and application will typically last 7 to 10 days
  • Can be used in ALL HVLP Spray Tanning Equipment


Hero Ingredients:

  • DHA (Eco Cert) – Active tanning agent. Only sourced from Europe
  • Organic Aloe-Enzyme rich, antioxidants, Vit A & C, Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Organic Green Tea-Powerful antioxidant helps fight ageing and free radical damage
  • DL Panthenol Pro- Vit B- locks in skin moisture, softens & smooths, anti-aging properties & so much more!

Remaining Ingredients: Purified Water – distilled & purified. Glycerin- moisturizing agent that pulls water into the outer layer of your skin. Coconut derivative- helps bolster skins protective layer, keeps skin supple & hydrate.  Food Grade- FD&C Red 40, D&C Green 5, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue 1, gluconolactone & sodium benzonate (natural preservative)

Step 1– Assess the skin type & then select the style of bronzer:

  • None – All skin typesClearcoat is your choice
  • Original or Rapid Tan – Suits red/pink skin tonesClassic sun kissed bronzed tone
  • Caribbean Chocolate or Caribbean Rapid – Suits warm/neutral skin tonesStraight off the beach warm glow.
  • Violet Royal – Yellow based skin tone & counteracts brassy tones – deep depth of brown bronzers with a violet base
  • Mocha Xpress – Skin types 3 and above- A warm blend of bronzers

Step 2 – Select strength

      • Light Summer – Skin Type 1 -2 Popular for first time tanners, fair skin multiple application techniques.
      • Mid Summer – Skin Type 3-4  A good one size fits all. Popular for those with some DHA-tanning experience
      • Dark Summer – Skin Type 4-5  Popular for experienced technicians, olive or dark tones & those wanting max color
      • Ultra Dark/Showtime  Skin Type 5+– designed for competition color, rapid tan and those that can absorb high % DHA

Step 3 – Select Standard or Rapid rinse solution

best solution for my skin


  • Shave & exfoliate 24 hrs prior to spray tanning
  • Make sure skin is free from oils, moisturizer, perfume & deodorant
  • Offer client accessories such as hair net, g-string & nasal filters.
  • Make sure to use SunFX Sticky Feet to protect the soles of the feet from discoloration.
  • Apply SunFX barrier cream to palms & extra dry areas
  • Spritz skin with SunFX skin primer
  • Apply one generous coat- or two light coats.
  • Rinse time is 2 to 5 hours. Remember color takes 24 hours to fully develop.
  • Note- can be left on for longer if more color is required.

To maximize the clients experience use  SunFX Enhancements Drops, scent drops & after spraying a quick dusting of our gorgeous finishing powder

TIP – Everyone’s skin reacts to DHA differently and some clients may not display full color development after their first rinse. This is because DHA is still active and color will continue to develop for up to 24hrs

*Rapid Solutions are not designed to be slept in. Leaving on longer than the recommended time may cause over absorption of DHA.

Customer Reviews

(11 customer reviews)

11 reviews for Original Rapid

  1. Lee

    I offer this in the mid and Caribbean rapid dark. I use them alone or mix. Always looks do natural

  2. Mollie

    I have used this as my rapid for years. Actually suits all skin tones. Mid and Dark are the 2 I stock

  3. Kylie

    Bought the light as I’m pretty fair. I leave on for 2 hours for my everyday color and 4 hours when I’m wanting a holiday color

  4. Olivia

    Such a pretty color. I use the Mid for most clients. Dries quick and isn’t sticky at all

  5. Sonya

    True to DHA strength and color. Wears well. No smell as promised and dry to touch

  6. Emily

    Great quick tan. When they say rinse in 2 to 4 hrs they are correct. Just remind your clients the color does continue to show. I think about to 24hrs it was still darkening.

  7. Evie

    Really natural tone. If your super fair like me use light summer. I got a really good amount of color. Rinsed in 2.5hrs

  8. Cecily

    gorgeous color but I had some clients that didn’t listen and slept in it so pulled too much color. This was with the dark summer

  9. Chandler S

    Arg obsessed, left on original dark for 3 hours and then after it has finished developing the color was so pretty.

  10. Harriet K

    This is all I wear. The best

  11. Frankie R

    Long lasting tan. This solution is everything it says it is.

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