Pro Freestyle Cordless Deluxe Package


(10 customer reviews)

SunFX Pro Freestyle Deluxe Package: Elevate Your Glow Game

Embark on a journey to radiant confidence with our SunFX Pro Freestyle Deluxe Package – where sunless tanning meets unparalleled convenience and professional-grade perfection!

Cordless Freedom, Deluxe Edition: Experience the freedom of a flawless, natural-looking tan anytime, anywhere with our cordless spray tan machine. But that’s not all – our deluxe package includes a chic, easy-to-assemble tent for a private and mess-free tanning sanctuary.

Complete Accessory Pack: Unbox a world of tanning possibilities with our exclusive accessory pack – contains our must have finishing powder, sticky feet, disposable thongs, hair nets &  care brochures

Sample Solution Bottles: Dive into the luxurious world of SunFX with our carefully curated sample solution bottles. Explore different shades and find the perfect hue that complements your unique style and skin tone.

Salon-Quality Results at Home: Transform any space into your personal tanning haven. The included tent ensures a clean and controlled environment, creating a professional setup in the comfort of your own home. No more salon visits – you’re the master of your radiant destiny!

Ergonomic Design, Professional Precision: Our cordless spray tan applicator, with its ergonomic design and advanced technology, guarantees professional precision for salon-worthy results. It’s not just a tan; it’s a masterpiece!

For the DIY Enthusiast or the Pro Technician: Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional spray tan technician, our deluxe package caters to all. Elevate your tanning game, create customized glows, and leave an unforgettable impression every time.

Unleash the SunFX Pro Freestyle Deluxe Package – your ticket to a deluxe, customized, and flawless tan experience. Your radiant journey begins here!

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Pro Freestyle Cordless Deluxe Package

Your personal tanning package

Starter Package: This kit includes all you need to kick off spraying tanning either at home or as tanning technician.

Tan your way: With our handheld spray tan applicator, you have the power to tan your way, with the perfect spray pattern and intensity for your unique needs.

The future of tanning: Embrace the future of tanning with our battery-operated handheld spray tan applicator, the perfect blend of innovation and style.

Spray tan like a professional: Our handheld spray tan applicator delivers a professional looking result every time, always ready to deliver the perfect tan with ease and convenience.

Fast charging: Battery charge is approx 25mins allowing you to comfortably tan 3 people before recharging.

Carry case: Your Pro Freestyle comes in a black portable carry case to keep it safe and clean.

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Self tanning spray tanning dark tan glowing perfect skin all natural tanning tan easy to use professional spray tan artist spray tan certification finishing powder sticky feet
  • 1  SunFX Pro Freestyle Cordless Hand Held Spray Tan Applicator
  • 1 AC charging adaptor
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 Portable padded carry case
  • 1 SunFX pop up tent & carry bag
  • Mixed packed of SunFX Solutions- 100ml x 5
  • Accessory pack- 10 sticky feet, 10 hair nets, 10 disposable thongs, 10 salon care brochures
  • Finishing powder sample
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty

Your Pro Freestyle comes with an easy-to-read manual. You can also watch our training videos.

Your spray technique using the Pro Freestyle is going to be exactly the same as when using our other equipment.

The only difference is how you will adjust the solution flow and that you can change the front nozzle to either horizontal or vertical spray pattern.

Customer Reviews

(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Pro Freestyle Cordless Deluxe Package

  1. Laynie

    I love love love my cordless. So easy to use! just make sure to clean as instructed. I let a friend use and she didn’t so it clogged but SunFX helped straight away

  2. Emma J

    Got this package recently because i’ve been wanting to tan from home myself and I am really enjoying it so far. My tent as been great and easy to pop up in my garage and I love the cordless gun because its easy to use and sprays really powerful and even. I have my girlfriends or husband spray my back when needed and they all have found it so easy. This package also came with their great sticky feet and accessory pack which i wouldn’t have thought i needed but its been a game changer. So happy i invested in tanning myself with this brand!

  3. Heather C

    Obsessed with my cordless freestyle. I like this package with the tent and solution. I have everything I need. The solutions are really high quality, really enjoying the violet royal

  4. Stephanie V

    Best package. I’m not a professionals but i love spray tanning my friends, family and myself. This is great high end equipment. Fast shipping as well which is nice.

  5. Vivian L

    I really like the tent and cordless gun. The solution and extra goodies were a nice bonus and the spray tanning solutions were small bottles but lasted me forever. Great deal

  6. Angelique

    I got this package so my friends and I could spray each other and save money on spray tans. It’s the best. Really happy and love how fast the battery charges

  7. Tegan M

    This package is really good. Recommend trying the Caribbean rapid solution. I loved the accessory pack with sunfx sticky feet, hair nets and thongs. Used them all.

  8. Meghan C

    Love the pop up tent. It’s very large but surprisingly easy to close and open. The pro freestyle is so good. I want another one already.

  9. Rebecca D

    Cutest spray tan gun. I love it. Make sure to clean it at the end of the day when you use it. Mine got clogged when I didn’t. Love it!!

  10. India J

    This package is really good. I have 2 other friends that all have the same one.

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