SunFX Solution Sample Packs


(7 customer reviews)

New to SunFX Tanning Solutions?

New to SunFX Tanning Solutions?

SunFX offers all of our tanning solution shades in sample sizes for you to decide what is the best fit for you and your client base.

We are excited to introduce you to SunFX Tanning Solutions. Try our Sample Kits today.

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SunFX Solution Sample Packs

SunFX Solutions can be used in all HVLP, Airbrush and Booth Systems.

Mixed SunFX Sample 5 Pack contains one of each:

  • Violet Royal
  • Original Mid
  • Caribbean Chocolate Mid
  • Original Rapid Mid
  • Caribbean Rapid Mid


SunFX Tanning Solution 3 pack contains one of each:

  • Light Summer (8%)
  • Mid Summer (11%) &
  • Dark Summer (14%)

Sunless Tanning Solution Bottles are 100mls/3.4oz

Allows you to perfectly match the right spray tan solution to all your clients spray tanning needs.

SunFX Solutions can be used in all HVLP, Airbrush and Booth Systems.

Single sample bottles are available under Spray Tan Solutions.


SunFX all skin types. Refer to the chart in the Results tab to find the best match for skin type and results required.

  • Clean and prep skin prior to spraying.
  • Offer client accessories such as hair net, g-string & nasal filters
  • Make sure to use SunFX Sticky Feet to protect the soles of the feet from discoloration
  • You are now ready to tan!
  • To maximize the clients experience use SunFX scent drops & after spraying a quick dusting of our gorgeous Finishing Powder
  • We recommend one even coat and a light touchup if needed

Customer Reviews

(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for SunFX Solution Sample Packs

  1. Michele

    I purchased the mixed pack- great way to test their solutions. So far Caribbean and the Violet have been my top 2. Both very natural, lasted and wore well. Violet had a little more depth for my clients that like that look but still natural

  2. Tanya

    Ordered the mixed pack after calling the helpline. Fabulous client service. I can’t believe how generous the lady was in spending time getting to understand my needs and help. Not pushy at all just so helpful. Please support this great family company

  3. Penny

    I ordered a sample pack for each of my salon employees so they could play around and decide which solutions they liked best. Each girl loved the sample pack because it allowed them to try the whole tanning range before deciding which solutions they wanted to work with the most consistently. Honestly all of the solutions are amazing, can’t go wrong with this brand. No odor, which my clients and employees love, and no sticky feeling post spray. Love love love!!!

  4. Sara

    Was looking for Clear solution. Purchased the sample to test all 3. Great product and the 3 levels allow me to easily match to a clients skin.

  5. Kaitlynn G

    great way to sample their solutions before committing to a liter. Love the Rapid solution.

  6. Mandy L

    I got the mix pack and tried them all. Really liked the violet royal for darker skin tones and the caribbean cholcolat for lighter skin clients. Smells good and not sticky which is a bonus

  7. Stacy C

    I tried the caribbean choc pack and really liked the Medium and dark. Light was good to but really liked the final outcome of the dark and mid.

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