Spray Tan Machine – Pro Mini V2

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Introducing the NEW Pro Series Mini V2: Your Compact Spray Tan Powerhouse

Unlock the secret to a professional-grade tan with our newly launched Pro Series Mini V2. This compact spray tan marvel may be small, but it packs a powerful punch, ensuring you achieve that flawless glow effortlessly.

Why Choose the Pro Mini V2?

  1. Smart Design, Lightweight Build: Engineered for convenience, the Pro Mini V2 is not only compact but also impressively lightweight. Say goodbye to cumbersome equipment without compromising on performance.
  2. Enhanced Features for Your Convenience: We’ve listened to your needs and incorporated must-have features. Enjoy the ease of transport with the carry handle, maintain cleanliness with the washable filter, and experience quick setup with the stainless steel quick-release hose. Plus, the added convenience of a handy carry strap for on-the-go tanning.
  3. Versatile Application Options: Tailor your tanning experience with the flexibility of our award-winning ezy mist applicator or the timeless classic HVLP applicator. The power is in your hands – choose what suits you best.
  4. Peace of Mind Warranty: Your satisfaction is our priority. In the rare event of any issues, rest easy knowing that our direct warranty support has you covered.
  5. Space-Saving Solution for Your Business: Whether you run a salon, day spa, or mobile tanning business, the SunFX Pro V2 is designed with your space constraints in mind. Achieve exceptional tanning results without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Don’t miss out on the chance to revolutionize your tanning experience. The Pro Series Mini V2 is more than just a device; it’s your ticket to a radiant, professional tan in the comfort of your own space. Elevate your tanning game today!

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Spray Tan Machine – Pro Mini V2

What Applicator to choose

What are the differences in applicators?

  • Both applicators are simple to use. Beginners may find the SunFX Ezy Mist a little easier to spray with
  • The  SunFX Ezy Mist was designed after the Classic HVLP to reduce overspray and be more ergonomic to hold
  • SunFX Ezy Mist controls the solution flow with a dial on the handle and only requires up and down movements
  • SunFX Classic HVLP has a solution control knob on the handle and the spray direction nozzle can be adjusted
  • Both hold a similar amount of solution. The Ezy Mist when used as directed uses less solution
  • The Ezy Mist is a little lighter to hold than the Classic
  • The Ezy mist contains no metal parts & can be fully refurbished by SunFX America
mobile spray machine features

This starter spray tan package includes:

  • One Pro Mini V2 System
  • Spray applicator of your choice
  • Quick release 9ft hose
  • Carry strap
  • Power cord
  • Filter
  • Selection of SunFX Sample Solutions- 5 bottle mixed pack of our favorites!
  • Accessory Sample Pack- 10 pairs sticky feet, 10 thongs, 10 hair nets + salon brochure & sticker
  • Users Manual
  • Receive 20% OFF our Certification course, when purchased with equipment

  • Turbine Color- Black
  • Turbine Size –10 in x 11 in
  • Turbine Weight– 3.2lbs
  • Spray Applicator Weight – 8 3/4oz
  • Hose Length – 9 ft

PRO TIP– Place your turbine to the side of your tent so it is not in the spray zone. That way it definitely stays squeaky clean.

  • SunFX Professional turbines are designed to achieve 100 + tans per day
  • Lightweight, powerful with precision spraying
  • Quick release hose connections
  • Generates warm air for blow drying clients
  • Handle and carry strap
  • Filter for easier cleaning
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 12 Month warranty

You have decided that you want to be a part of this fast growing, exciting,  fun and profitable industry. Whether you’re looking to add spray tanning to your salon or you’re ready to start your own mobile spray tan business, we are here to make sure that you receive the correct knowledge and required skills to become a confident and successful spray tan artist.

  • Your system does come with access to a training manual, however, we strongly encourage you to consider:
  • SunFX interactive online, virtual or face to face certification training   CLICK HERE
  • Receive a discount when booking our New online training at the time of equipment purchase

Customer Reviews

(19 customer reviews)

19 reviews for Spray Tan Machine – Pro Mini V2

  1. Luna Lush Tans

    I got to try the new pr v2 and I loved it. Really light to carry but very powerful when it sprays. I used the mocha xpress solution and it gave the perfect even spray tan.

  2. Nikki C

    OMG LOVE THIS NEW EQUIPMENT!! Super high end and easy to use as a professional doing over 10 spray tans a day. So far easy to clean and store.

  3. Stephanie F

    Wish I got the package with the pop up tan tent just to make tanning a little easier, however really love this package. I love the 5 sample bottles of solution to figure out which one I like best.

  4. Meagan M

    As a professional spray tan artist for over 10 years, this is one of the best professional airbrush machines I’ve bought. Really great power and nice long hose to be able to have distance and flexibility in spraying clients. I was given one in the ‘trial phase’ of the product launch and now have bought 2 more. Really love this equipment and recommend.

  5. Madeline L

    Great long hose and super high end. Happy with my purchase.

  6. Charlotte

    LOVE THIS MACHINE. Really powerful and sprays great but also light to carry and handle.

  7. Hannah V

    I have about 6 of these at my salon for all of my spray tan artists and they LOVE them. Really happy with this brand, good customer service as well.

  8. Paige S

    Very good spray tan machine. I’m a mobile tech and this is perfect. Would recommend!!

  9. Tianna B

    Really good machine. Great price. I got the old school sunfx gun with mine and i love it. sprays perfect and easy to clean. i taught my wife how to spray me and now i’m addicted. We use the Caribbean chocolate solution in a medium, really love it.

  10. Stacy C

    Love this machine. Really fast shipping. I ordered on a monday and got it wednesday. Great for spraying alot of people back to back. Great deal, they give you 5 bottles of little solutions to play with and they lasted me forever.

  11. Quinn S

    Best spray tan machine I’ve owned in the last 15 years I’ve been spray tanning!!

  12. Kylie M

    I own a salon in Texas and I bought 3 of these and the girls are loving them. Nice to store and easy to maintain which is great as a salon owner to not worry about the machines. Love the sunfx equipment warranty, they are so helpful with helping us with issues.

  13. Hannah D

    Great warranty!!

  14. Julianna E

    Love this machine. Super light to carry and easy to use. Really nice gun and love the storage spot for it on the machine.

  15. Val S

    This is the best spray tan machine I’ve ever used. I love that its super sleek and professional to look at but then its nice and easy to store and carry since I work all over the place. I’ve been tanning for 12 years and this is the best spray tan machine I’ve ever used.

  16. Megan J

    Love this. I got the ezy mist, its great and easy to clean.

  17. Sarah B

    This machine is so easy to easy and lightweight. Love the new carry handle and carry strap.

  18. Chelsea T

    Really happy with this purchase. I got this machine with the HVLP gun and I love it. It’s so compact and easy to set up. Cleaning the applicator is easy, I always leave it out over night to dry before packing away. Great machine. I love using the sunfx original solution as well.

  19. Emily D

    I love this mini. I had the original SunFX mini before this for over 8 years and it was amazing, but I love all the upgrades on the V2 like the handle, carry strap, and filter. Would recommmend.

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