Mobile Spray Tan Package – Pro Mini V2

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(15 customer reviews)

Kickstart Your Spray Tan Business with Our Complete Starter Kit!

Are you ready to turn your passion for spray tanning into a successful business venture? Look no further – our all-inclusive package has everything you need to launch your business with confidence.

What’s Inside the Kit?

  1. Pro Series Mini V2: Don’t be fooled by its compact size – this spray tan powerhouse delivers professional-grade results, ensuring you achieve that flawless glow effortlessly.
  2. Generously Sized Tent: Create the perfect spray tan environment with our spacious tent, providing ample room for a comfortable and mess-free experience for both you and your clients.
  3. Double Your Investment: We’ve included enough high-quality solution and tanning supplies to not only get you started but to double your initial investment. This means more opportunities for profit and growth from the get-go.

Why Choose the Pro Mini V2?

  • Smart Design, Lightweight Build: Engineered for efficiency, the Pro Mini V2 is not only compact but also impressively lightweight. Take it anywhere your business takes you without sacrificing performance.
  • Top-notch Features: Enjoy the convenience of a carry handle, washable filter, stainless steel quick-release hose, and a handy carry strap. These features make your tanning experience a breeze.
  • Versatile Application: Tailor your spray tan technique with the flexibility of our award-winning Ezy Mist applicator or the classic HVLP spray applicator – the choice is yours!

Whether you’re a mobile spray technician or space is a premium in your salon or day spa, our complete spray tan kit is your go-to solution. Don’t let anything hold you back – seize this opportunity to launch your business successfully.

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Mobile Spray Tan Package – Pro Mini V2

What are the differences in applicators?

  • Both applicators are simple to use. Beginners may find the SunFX Ezy Mist a little easier to spray with
  • The  SunFX Ezy Mist was designed after the Classic HVLP to reduce overspray and be more ergonomic to hold
  • SunFX Ezy Mist controls the solution flow with a dial on the handle and only requires up and down movements
  • SunFX Classic HVLP has a solution control knob on the handle and the spray direction nozzle can be adjusted
  • Both hold a similar amount of solution. The Ezy Mist when used as directed uses less solution
  • The Ezy Mist is a little lighter to hold than the Classic
  • The Ezy mist contains no metal parts & can be fully refurbished by SunFX America
Self tanning spray tanning dark tan glowing perfect skin all natural tanning tan easy to use professional spray tan artist spray tan certification finishing powder sticky feet tanning accessory tanning equipment tan machine best finishing powder hair nets
  • Pro Mini V2 HVLP spray tan system- lightweight, powerful, dispensing warm air for client comfort
  • Your choice of  spray applicator- select from either our award winning Pro Mist HVLP or our light weight Classic HVLP applicator
  • Quick release 9ft hose
  • Power cord
  • Carry strap
  • 1 SunFX portable tan tent
  • 1 SunFX prep spray
  • 1 SunFX finishing powder
  • 1 x 33.8 fl oz SunFX Premium tanning solution of your choosing
  • Selection of 4 sample solutions
  • 50 Before/After Care brochures
  • 25 pairs Sticky Feet
  • SunFX manual

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You have decided that you want to be a part of this fast growing, exciting,  fun and profitable industry. Whether you’re looking to add spray tanning to your salon or you’re ready to start your own mobile spray tan business, we are here to make sure that you receive the correct knowledge and required skills to become a confident and successful spray tan artist.

  • Your system does come with access to a training manual, however, we strongly encourage you to consider:
  • SunFX interactive online, virtual or face to face certification training   CLICK HERE
  • Save 20% on online training when purchased with your sunless tanning equipment

This Package includes enough tanning solution for at least 35 client sprays.

  • 35 Sprays X $50 = $1750

  • Turbine Color- black
  • Turbine Size –10 in x 11 in
  • Turbine Weight– 3.2 lbs
  • Spray Applicator Weight – 8 3/4oz
  • Hose Length – 9 ft
  • 100+ tans per day
  • Heated Air Flow
  • Quick release hose connections
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Easy clean filter
  • 12 Month Warranty

Customer Reviews

(15 customer reviews)

15 reviews for Mobile Spray Tan Package – Pro Mini V2

  1. Nicole T

    I just got certified with SunFX and invested in this package and I am very happy I did. I received amazing customer service and help along the way. Really like this professional equipment, especially the tent and applicator gun. Highly recommend this equipment, solution and spray tan training!

  2. Fiona C

    Upgraded from my pro mini to the new V2 and I love it. So far it’s been amazing and easy to take care of.

  3. Karen P

    Good package. Great price for how much you get. When mine arrived I felt like my package never ended, it was goody after goody. Love the prep spray smell.

  4. Becca B

    Great package. I ordered this and got it really quick, the shipping was great and i love how well packed everything came. Love the system and tent plus everything it came with. It has everything i needed to get my business started.

  5. Jenny V

    Love this bundle. Such a great price for all of this stuff. Im really happy with my purchase.

  6. Patricia B

    This machine is amazing. Love their solution and everything it came with. Really great.

  7. Allie J

    Love this prep spray. Wouldn’t have thought to buy it but so happy it came in this package. I now own 2 Pro mini machines and swear by them for my business. Love this products that come with this package.

  8. Penelope D

    Happy with this tent, its the best i’ve found and really cute. I also got sunfx certified so love that it has the logo on it so people know im spraying their skin with the best. Great V2 machine, works wonders!

  9. Grace M

    The best!!!!

  10. Kirsty V

    Got this package with my business partner and its been great. Best weve owned and really happy with all the extra things. We got the ezy mist applicator because that what we are used to using from sunfx.

  11. Shana B

    Love this package however I wish I had done the certification package. I ended up needing to get certified later and luckily sunfx helped me out. This package was perfect for setting me up with everything and I love the new equipment. Super cute and easy to use.

  12. Stacy Anderson

    I honestly highly recommend this V2 package. I have a at home salon and this had everything I needed exept I ordered extra bottles of solution as well on the side. I chose the ezy mist applicator and find it easy to clean and it sprays perfectly everytime.

  13. Shelby S

    This system is great. I loved the solution and powder that came with it as well. Great price for everything I got. Packaging was also super nice and shipping very fast for how much I ordered!!

  14. Brianna V

    The sunfx pop up tent is so good. I am so happy with it and everything I got. This truely had everything I needed to start my business. I started making a profit and paid off my equipment and supplies in just weeks. Also, really happy with the customer service at sunfx when I need something or have issues

  15. Jolene S

    Worth very penny. I went through amazon for days trying to decide which equipment to get for my salon and my 6 technicians. When I found sunfx I came to their website and so glad I did. I ended up calling and chatting with a few different gals that had great advice and was able to help narrow down my choices. I ended up getting 3 of the pro v2 packages and wow it has been amazing. The equipment is high end and easy to use, the solution provides all clients with a dark and natural color, and the tents and accessories are great quality. We ended up ordering gallons or solution for the salon as well since our spray tans got so popular. I would recommend sunfx, good customer service to If you get stuck in any situation they can expedite shipping to help get you what you need. I have had such a great experience with this company!

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