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Find your perfect shade

Step 1 – Select Standard or Rapid rinse solution

There are 4 easy steps to select the correct SunFX Solution for your skin tone & the color you desire.

Your first decision in spray tanning is how long do you want to leave the solution on for  before your first rinse. This rinse stops any further absorption of the active tanning ingredients. Your color will still deepen over the next 24hrs.

You have 2 choices:

Standard- these have a rinse time of 5 to 8hrs

Rapid – a rinse time of only 2 to 5 hrs

The longer solution is left on for the more color will be produced.

Step 2– Determine skin tone

Spray tan solutions come in different strengths. Fair and pale skin don’t require as strong a solution as say olive and darker skin types. You need to have an idea of your skin tone to select your solution and strength.


STEP 4 – SELECT solution LEVEL

  • None – All skin types- Clearcoat is your choice
  • Original or Rapid Tan – Suits red/pink skin tones- Classic sun kissed bronzed tone
  • Caribbean Chocolate or Caribbean Rapid – Suits warm/neutral skin tones- Straight off the beach warm glow.
  • Violet Royal – Yellow based skin tone & counteracts brassy tones – deep depth of brown bronzers with a violet base
  • Mocha Xpress – Skin types 3 and above- A warm blend of bronzers


    • Light Summer – Skin Level 1 -2 Popular for first time tanners, fair skin multiple application techniques.
    • Mid Summer – Skin Level 3-4  A good one size fits all. Popular for those with some DHA-tanning experience
    • Dark Summer – Skin Level 4-5  Popular for experienced technicians, olive or dark tones & those wanting max color
    • Ultra Dark/Showtime  Skin Level 5+– designed for competition color, rapid tan and those that can absorb high %DHA

If in doubt, we suggest a Mid Summer strength in either Original or Caribbean Chocolate. Or reach out to us, we are always happy to help.