Choosing the right spray tan solution

Choice - Everyone loves to have it

As anyone who’s ever stood mesmerized by the number of salad options in a supermarket knows, too much choice can sometimes be overwhelming. Don’t worry – we’ve all been there!

It’s a conundrum many salon managers will identify with; every customer wants something different from their spray tan – and with so many spray tan solutions available, sometimes it’s hard to know which one is the right one to use.

Ok, that’ on us. Guilty as charged. Since SunFX launched in 1999, our range has expanded from our classic original tan to include no fewer than eight spray tan products – all offering different benefits depending on the customer’s needs.


how do you know which tanning solution

When deciding on the right tanning solution you want to consider the following:

  • Ingredients in the solutions
  • Skin tone that it is being sprayed
  • Depth of color desired
  • Does the client want to rinse quickly or sleep in it?

Solution Ingredients

Not only should your focus be on the color the solution will produce, but on ALL the ingredients contained in a spray tan solution.

Today’s clients are ingredient savvy and the requests for clean, natural & organic ingredients is on the rise. In a nutshell, they are looking for more than just a glow.

With SunFX Solutions you are able to offer all the benefits of a full skin conditioning treatment and an incredible long lasting tan.

Every one of SunFX’s tanning solutions offers skin loving benefits and more.

All of our spray solutions are based on an inclusion of natural and organic ingredients. We have focused on ingredients backed by cosmetic scientists and are proven to support skin condition as well as working to improve color & longevity of the tan. 

We pay particular attention to include the latest cosmetic discoveries such as kakadu plum, kangaroo paw plant & caviar lime. Potent actives such as these are game changing antioxidants in skincare.

We couldn’t neglect including the classics:  organic chamomile, aloe vera, green tea, natural coconut and vitamins A, C and E.

The active tanning ingredient we use is ECOCERT DHA combined with a natural booster that helps the DHA bind and penetrate a little deeper into the skin cells, helping to prolong the tans life.

Our cosmetic bronzers are a combination of organic caramel and mineral bronzers. This is the color that you see when first applying a tanning solution. Our aim is for the bronzers to resemble the lasting color post rinsing.

We absolutely ensure that all solutions are FREE from alcohols, parabens, ethanols and artificial preservatives.

You will see that as we research and discover more we will adjust and refine our solutions as we have done for the past 25 years.


Skin Tone + Solution

Spray Tan solutions are formulated with different % of DHA (natural tanning agent) and a cosmetic color. The higher the DHA % the more of a color reaction occurs within your skin cells. To make choosing a solution easier, we formulate solutions to match skin tones- Light Mid & Dark.  For the most natural result select the level that best represents the clients natural skin tone.

Using a solution that is too strong for a skin tone will result in too intense a result. This is when you see the dreaded orange tones.

Next, select the “color base”.  This is the color of the bronzers. What you see when applying the solution.

We have kept things straight forward for you and have 4 bronzer colors & a solution that is bronzer free.

  •  Clearcoat– No bronzer 
  • Original or Rapid Tan– Classic sun-kissed bronzed tone
  • Caribbean Chocolate or Caribbean Rapid- Straight off the beach warm glow 
  • Violet Royal Designed for a deeper base and those with a yellow based skin tone
  • Mocha Xpress– A warm blend created primarily for darker skin tone.

what solution do I use

A spray tan can give you anything from a sun kissed glow through to a rich deep tan. Keeping in mind that your natural skin tone does play a  part in the tone of tan you will especially when going dark. Be realistic about the outcome as the skin will darken to its natural depth of brown.

You are going to select a solution based on:

Color of the bronzer – these form the basis of color for the first couple of days whilst your tan has fully developed. We make sure that these are very natural looking and overall will suit all skin tones. We use either food grade colors or orgaic caramel to achieve the colors.  Take a look at our discriptions above to help. You will tend to take a liking to a particular oe or two soutions.

Strength of solution – the general rule of thumb is to select the level that matches your skin tone or the level up for a darker result

Developing time – do you like to rinse the bronzers off or sleep in them

Added Ingredients – you have the added benefit of using a solution that has additional skin loving and beneficial igredients. Take a look at what each offer to slect oe that fits your skins needs.


time poor tanning

Parents, young professionals – seemingly everyone these days – is busy trying to squeeze some self-maintenance into their busy schedules.

For those clients who are literally counting every minute of their day,  SunFX Rapid Tans will fit into any schedule.

With our new self-adjusting formula, Rapid Tans can deliver a light tan in just one hour. For a medium tan, your clients can simply wait an additional hour before washing off. And for an intense, darker tan, five hours will do the trick. Our Rapid Tans will continue to darken even after the client showers.

If sleeping in the solution is preferred the our standard developig solutions are the better choice as there is less likelyhood of over develeping color.


Lastly, if new to spray tanning start with mid tones before jumping into the deep with the strongest levels. Try a a couple of different colors to find your favorite. Still have questions? Contact us!