Choosing the right spray tan solution

Choice. Everyone loves to have it.

But as anyone who’s ever stood mesmerized by the number of salad options in a supermarket knows, too much choice can sometimes be overwhelming. Don’t worry – we’ve all been there!

It’s a conundrum many salon managers will identify with; every customer wants something different from their spray tan – and with so many spray tan solutions available, sometimes it’s hard to know which one is the right one to use.

Ok, that’ on us. Guilty as charged. Since SunFX launched in 1999, our range has expanded from our classic Original Tan to include no fewer than eight spray tan products – all offering different benefits depending on the customer’s needs.

So how do you know which tanning solutions to use for which customer?

Fear not, help is at hand. Here’s our simple guide to keeping every tanning client happy…

All I Want Is Everything

You know the type of customer. They don’t just want the perfect shade of natural-looking spray tan. They want natural ingredients. They want some organic ingredients. And they want a glow that lasts.

Come on, we thought you had a challenge! Every one of SunFX’s eight tanning solutions offers these benefits – and more.

Our spray tans are based on an inclusion of natural and organic ingredients, including kakadu plum, kangaroo paw plant, organic aloe vera, organic green tea and natural coconut, plus added vitamins A, C and E – and absolutely FREE from alcohols, parabens, ethanols and artificial preservatives.

All of our spray tan products last seven to ten days on most skin types, as well as creating a beautiful streak-free, natural-looking result.

That’s the easy stuff covered. Now for the specifics…

Time-Poor Tanning

Parents, young professionals – seemingly everyone these days – is busy trying to squeeze some self-maintenance into their busy schedules.

And for those customers who are literally counting every minute of their day, SunFX Rapid Tan will fit into any schedule.

With its new self-adjusting formula, Rapid Tan can deliver a light tan in just one hour.

For a medium tan, your clients can simply wait an additional hour before washing off. And for an intense, darker tan, five hours will do the trick. In fact our Rapid Tan will continue to darken even after the client showers.

Great results, delivered as quickly as you like, with a shade to suit everyone. What more could your busy clients ask for?

How about throwing some natural caramel into the mix? Our Caribbean Rapid solution includes the same self-adjusting formula as Rapid Tan, as well as some added caramel for an alternative dark chocolate based tan.

Still In Doubt? There’s Nothing Like The Original

If your customer isn’t sure what they’re looking for, stick with Sunfx Original Tan. It’s still a world favorite after 20 years.

Delivering a completely natural-looking, streak-free sun kissed tan in three to eight hours, our original solution is as popular today as when it first launched. Millions of sprays later, it is still one of the most satisfying spray tans the world has come to love.

For customers who just want a different tone, Caribbean Chocolat does exactly what the name suggests – offering a delectable bronzed caramel that looks good enough to eat within the same three to eight hour time frame.

Customers that don’t like the look and feel of Bronzers, will be super happy with our ClearCoat. Goes on clear and develops a flawless natural looking color.

The Competitive Edge

Not everyone hits the tanning salon for leisure. For most, it’s a serious business – and a well-applied tan can mean the difference between winning and losing. But getting it right means winning the loyalty of an ever-growing competition scene.

Formulated for dance competition, SunFX Showtime gives dancers a judge-ready golden glow in three to eight hours. Also, a wonderful alternative for those clients that like a darker result than our Original Tan for their daily glow.

If it’s the perfect Dark competition tint they’re looking for, Showdown Ultra Dark Base is the ultimate in competition color base. For the best results possible, apply Showdown Ultra Dark Base the night before competition and advise your customer to leave it on overnight. Then on competition day, applying Showdown Ultra Dark Finish over the top will achieve that winning color.

Thanks to its world-first built-in sheen, there’s usually no need for messy oils or other sprays. Want to offer the world’s best physique championship-winning formulas? Then you can’t go past SunFX.

So there you have it. The simple guide to choosing the perfect tan.

Order any of our spray tan products online, or for more information, call 888 685 3010 and our friendly team will be happy to advise you further.