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The ultimate in dance competition tanning

  • A High % tanning formuala
  • Designed for stage & those that can carry color
  • Light weight & dry to touch immediately
  • No stickiness or tack
  • Infused with skin loving ingredients
  • Add one of our unique Additives to help increase the uptake of DHA and provide a full skin conditioning treatment
  • Can be mixed with Caribbean Chocolat

Earn up to 265 Points.


Produces a very deep, rich tan based on our signature Original formulae

  • Showtime bronzer provides a realistic color and is indicative of the long term color
  • Designed for use by those experienced in high % DHA tanning
  • DHA 18%
  • Developing time 5 to 8 hours
  • Time activated – the longer left on the more color
  • Streak free and fast drying
  • Tans typically last 7-10 days with proper  care and application
  • One application 30-40 mls
  • Can be used in ALL HVLP Spray Tanning Equipment


  • Purified Water – Distilled and Purified
  • DHA (Eco Cert) – Only sourced from Europe
  • Organic Aloe-Enzyme rich, antioxidants, Vit A & C, Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Organic Green Tea-Powerful antioxidant helps fight ageing and free radical damage
  • Coconut- Helps bolster skins protective layer, keeps skin supple & hydrated
  •  Non-toxic, natural colorings – Food Grade- Choc Brown HT (E155), Food Yellow 4 (E102), Food Blue 2 (E133)

Step 1– Assess the skin tone & then select the style of bronzer:

  • None- Clearcoat is your choice
  • Original or Rapid Tan– Classic sun kissed bronzed tone
  • Caribbean Chocolate or Caribbean Rapid- Straight off the beach warm glow
  • Violet Royal- Designed for a deeper base and those with a yellow based skin tone
  • Mocha Xpress- A warm blend designed for skin types 3 and above

Step 2 – Select strength

  • Light Summer – popular for first time tanners, fair skin multiple application techniques
  • Mid Summer – A good one size fits all. Popular for those with some DHA-tanning experience
  • Dark Summer-  Popular for experienced technicians, olive or dark tones & those wanting max color
  • Ultra Dark/Showtime & Showdown- designed for competition color, rapid tan and those that can absorb high %DHA

Step 3 – Select Standard or Rapid rinse solution

Showtime is designed for clients that require a rich dark stage color or for those looking for day to day color that is one step up from Original Dark Summer

  • Clean and prep skin prior to spraying.
  • Offer client accessories such as hair net, g-string & nasal filters.
  • Make sure to use SunFX Sticky Feet to protect the soles of the feet from discoloration.
  • You are now ready to tan!
  • To maximize the clients experience use SunFX scent drops & after spraying a quick dusting of our gorgeous Finishing Powder

TIP – This is a strong formula (18%) so clients with fair to mid skin tones may need to adjust the time solution is left on for prior to their first rinse to avoid over development of color.

Customer Reviews

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Showtime

  1. Terri

    Great color. Be careful on fair skin unless you are spraying someone for a competition and they are ok with golden tones. I play with the time I advise clients to rinse depending on their skin and color needed.

  2. Dylan

    I use this with Showdown- mix the two together for a dark color. Its for clients that know how to care for a spray tan

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