Skin care tips every 20 something should know

Are you in your 20’s and starting to care a little more about skin care

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Are you at the age where you can’t just go to bed with your makeup on or go lay out in the sun for hours without a sunburn. Mind you, no one should be doing that!

Are you starting to notice fine lines and examining your face closer in the mirror?

Now, I know your 20’s can be eye opening. You’re growing up and starting to care more about the long-term effects and damage on your skin. That’s why I am here to help. My name is Teagan and I have been using SunFX since I was 14 years old. That probably sounds really young; however, I am here to share my sun safe skin journey with you. So, buckle up, grab a glass of wine (or juice) and indulge in a little education, affordable beauty tips & easy to follow tricks.


Discovering your skin care options and avoiding sun damage

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First, I want to explain my skin care journey and help you discover your best glowing skin care options. When I was around 14, I was a competition dancer. Spray tans, makeup, hair spray, it was all part of my DNA. Being tanned for the stage lights was a high priority and you might think that sun baking or a UV bed would be the  quickest cheapest, and most effective option right?  Wrong! sunless tanning was my go-to. I could control my color and not subject my skin to irreparable damage.

SunFX’s sunless tanning products quickly became the only option I wanted for my skin. Coming from a family business such as SunFX Sunless that is all natural & organic, safe, affordable  and best of all, won’t cause my skin any lifelong damage.

Spray tanning with SunFX became a life saver for me and my now 27-year-old skin is thankful. Once you discover a sunless SunFX tan, trust me there is no turning back. I have been getting SunFX spray tans since I was a teen and today I still continue to have a monthly spray or if I’m busy I indulge in a SunFX self-tanning product. Staying away from UV rays that cause long term damage has really made a huge difference in my skin. It allows me to still have that sunkissed glow year round but without the skin damage.

Trust me, the number 1 tip for the perfect skin routine, is it is never to late to use SunFX all natural tanning products and help your skin by taking the sunless route

Why taking care of your skin is so important in your 20’s

Let’s face it, we only get one body to live in, so let’s take care of it the best that we can. There is no fighting it, we will all slowly age and natural damage will happen over time, however, if we can help our skin stay at its best, why not try? One thing I’ve noticed in my 20’s is that I am much more aware of all the time my skin is exposed to direct sunlight that will, over time, result in skin damage. I’ve also noticed my hands showing signs of aging from all the time driving and my face getting fine lines from the times I have forgotten sunscreen and a hat. These are things that I’m sure you can relate to, there is no taking back this already noticeable damage, but what we can try make a promise to ourselves is to start right now being mindful…

Our bodies are constantly changing and with that, our skin will also change. Now is the time to act and take control. You are in your 20’s, your beauty budget is tight and you have a busy schedule. There is luckily lots of inexpensive steps you take to help your skin:

  1. Stay hydrated – your skin will thank you and you will notice a huge change in your skin feeling nourished and healthy
  2. Always wear a cancer council approved sun screen – daily application of a broad spectrum sunscreen year round is a must
  3. Limit caffeine, smoking and alcohol intake – these are all know to aid in premature aging amongst other negatives
  4. Use all natural and skin loving products – SunFX has designed all of its products to help skin feel and look at its best while being affordable for people in our age group
  5. Still enjoy the sunshine but opt for a sunless tan when you can – your skin is fragile and not designed for UV damage, so opt for an all natural sunless tan to help your skin look flawless and feel luxurious, take the time to provide yourself and your skin this self care routine

Spray tanning and self tanning with SunFX is quick, easy, affordable and provides your skin with skin loving and nourishing ingredients. With all skin types and skin tones in mind, there is every product you can dream of for your skin needs.

Try not to be lazy when it comes to your skin care

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The last thing I want to discuss is being lazy when it comes to your skin routine.

Try not to sleep with your makeup on, if you feel like this happens a lot to you try using  SunFX tanning mist. This mist provides a natural tan for your face so you don’t feel the need for foundation (the mist will help your skin confidence in presenting its natural self). The best part is that the mist is packed full of ingredients such as hylauronic acid, botanical extracts & B5. 

Next, don’t skip out on a sunless tan because you think laying in the sun or a tanning bed is easier, put in that effort to apply your self tanning product before bed or book in for a spray tan, this takes about 5-10 minutes and your skin will look flawless with a healthy even looking glow.

Lastly, using scrubs, lotion and body oils daily such as the SunFX body oil and body lotion, will help your skin consistently looking & feel nourished and satiny soft.

Teagan’s weekly skin care routine to maintain a glow and younger looking skin

  1. Exfoliating and cleansing skin in the shower with all natural products (don’t use an exfoliant with a tan on unless you are ready to buff  it off)
  2. Applying lotion and body oil all over skin twice daily (SunFX products last weeks if not months which makes them highly affordable)
  3. Once every 7-10 days get a spray tan or do a full body self tan with SunFX all natural products (Teagan’s go to self tanner in the Summers Secret Dark Bronzing Mousse – Her go to spray tan solution pick, is the Caribbean Chocolate mid left on for 8 hours)
  4. Shave/wax and exfoliate the night before tanning – prepping and priming the skin is important for a long lasting tan
  5. Of course, staying hydrated and making sure to drink plenty of water daily
  6. Wear a sunscreen daily to ensure your skin is protected from UV damages

If you want to know how to achieve a flawless tan everytime take a read of this article. Say goodbye to orange streaks.