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SunFX Launches New Product Range

No matter how great you’re looking and feeling, everyone looks forward to a makeover. And for more than twenty years, throughout Australia and the world, SunFX has helped people look and feel great – without exposing their skin to the sun’s harmful rays.

We’ve decided it’s time for a fresh new look. And we think you’ll agree our new packaging designs perfectly reflect the high quality standards you expect from SunFX.

We’ve also enhanced the therapeutic benefits of using SunFX spray tanning solutions by adding a couple of new twists to our tried and tested formulas.

What’s New?

SunFX has been one of the top selling spray tan products in the world since 1999 – so why change now? And what makes the new range different from everything we’ve done in the past?

Well, the times are changing. And with them, customers’ expectations are changing – especially the rising demand for organic, natural and beneficial ingredients as more and more people move towards healthier, more natural lifestyles. As a result, the refreshed SunFX product range now includes an even greater array of all-natural and organic ingredients.

And as any salon manager has no doubt noticed, every customer through the salon door is more informed about different treatments and therapies than the last.

As a result, they now expect their tan to do more than just give them a streak-free glow. Many customers now look at a spray tan as an almost therapeutic experience.

So we’ve improved on our already famous tanning solutions and added hydrating and skin-smoothing natural ingredients like kangaroo paw, kakadu plum, aloe vera and coconut. We’ve also ensured SunFX offers better skin repair – and includes more antioxidants – from natural green tea and the added vitamins of A, C and E. As always, there are no alcohols, parabens, mineral oils, ethanols, artificial perfumes or other harmful unnatural ingredients. And we continue to use DHA Active ingredients and some of the purest water available across the entire range.

Plus, did you know SunFX spray tan solutions contain some of the highest concentrations of active ingredients in the world? That means there is often no need for double coats, offering a massive cost saving and profit potential.

We also do not test on animals and we are a supplier of vegan-quality spray tan products.

 SunFX Range


SunFX ClearCoat is a colorless solution which develops into deep natural looking, streak free, tan in less than five hours. SunFX ClearCoat does not rub off onto clothing and enables your client to avoid the ‘white one minute dark the next” appearance of other solutions. Perfect for those clients who don’t want people to know its a spray tan!

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Original Tan

The original and best, our Original Tan is the tried-and-tested solution that customers have loved for so long.

Delivering a completely natural-looking, streak-free golden tan in less than five hours, this classic spray tan product is a unique combination of organic and natural ingredients – including organic aloe vera, organic green tea and natural coconut. Throw the latest hypo-allergenic synthetic bronzers into the mix and the result is a beautiful, natural-looking tan in three to five hours.

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Rapid Tan

When your salon clients need a tan in a hurry, SunFX Rapid Tan delivers a high-quality, streak-free tan in just one hour.

It’s all thanks to Rapid Tan’s self-adjusting rapid two hour formula, which speeds up the tanning process considerably. And because it’s infused with organic aloe vera, organic green tea and natural coconut, our Rapid Tan offers a quick tanning solution that’s still all-natural and good for the skin.

Rapid Tan even allows your customer to choose the final color; they can wash off after one hour for a light tan, two hours for a medium tan or leave on for up to five hours for an intense, darker tan.

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Caribbean Chocolat

For clients looking for a darker tint, Caribbean Chocolat produces a rich tan that retains an incredibly natural appearance.

Thanks again to the inclusion of natural caramel, salon customers will see incredible results in three to eight hours. Their skin will also benefit from the restorative effects of organic aloe vera, organic green tea and natural coconut.

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Caribbean Rapid

Our Caribbean Rapid spray tan product combines the benefits of Caribbean Chocolat and a Rapid Tan – with natural coconut and our self-adjusting rapid 24-hour formula combining to create a rich tan in as little as one hour.

Caribbean Rapid can be washed off after one hour for a light tan, two hours for a medium tan or leave on for up to five hours for an intense, darker tan. Your salon clients can decide on the final color!

It also includes organic aloe vera, organic green tea and natural coconut, offering all-natural skin therapy as an added benefit.

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Mocha Xpress Dark & Ultra Dark

Mocha Xtra Dark Xpress is a unique combinations of rich warm bronzers & organic caramel with a concentrated hit of active ingredient. It produces a rich deep brown tone.

Designed to be a Rapid this wonderful solution can provide color in as little as 30 mins (Ultra Dark). The longer the Solution is left on the more active ingredient you will absorb to intensify the end result

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Showtime Dance Tan

SunFX Showtime is a new tanning solution formulated specially to meet increasing demand for the ultimate in competition dance tans. Combining hypo-allergenic colors with natural and organic ingredients, Showtime will give your salon clients the competition-winning bronzed tan they’ve been looking for – one that won’t rub off and will last.

And, like all our award-winning solutions, our Showtime Dance Formula also offers a champion combination of therapeutic ingredients – it’s infused with organic aloe vera, green tea and natural coconut. The perfect dance tan with perfect skin therapy. A winning combination!

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Showdown Competition Tan Range

Showdown Ultra Dark Base – the ultimate in competition base color.

Many competitors are looking for a darker tan and SunFX Showdown Ultra-Dark Base is the ultimate in competition base color. We’ve mixed hypo-allergenic colors and blended them with natural and organic ingredients (natural caramel, organic aloe vera, organic green tea and natural coconut) to create the perfect dark base.

Sunfx Ultra-Dark Finish Coatthe ultimate all-conquering Ultra dark finishing coat.

Spray our sensational finishing coat over the base and see one of the darkest all-bronzer tans available in the world. Layer it for ultimate dark or sculpture in perfect shading to highlight the ultimate physique.

And because Ultra-Dark Finish Coat includes our revolutionary,world-first built-in sheen, there is no need for messy oils! Best coverage is achieved by using Ultra-Dark Finish Coat as a spray tan – but it works brilliantly with just a sponge application!

It contains no parabens, alcohol or artificial preservatives and will wash off once the competition is over.

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