Salon Spray Tan Package – Pro Tower


(8 customer reviews)

Do You Need the Best Salon Spray System?

Professionally designed to be the ultimate spray tanning system

  • Representing the perfect blend of form and functionality
  • Our elegant Pro Tower tanning machine is guaranteed to enhance the professional image of your salon
  • SunFX Pro Tower Tanning System puts everything at your fingertips & at the perfect height
  • This Salon Package is a great starter kit to add tanning to your services
  • All you need to do is select the color of your machine & your complementary  2 x 33.8 oz Tanning Solution
  • You’ll have enough solution for 50 to 60 clients!

Earn up to 730 Points.

Salon Spray Tan Package – Pro Tower

Representing the perfect blend of form and functionality

  • Our AWARD winning SunFX Pro Spray Applicators fits neatly into the spacious recessed area on top of the turbine, keeping it within reach
  • Lightweight & sturdy, allowing you to easily position within your Salon
  • Takes up minimal floor space
  • Ultra-smooth surface wipes down easily, allows you to spend more time spraying & less time cleaning
  • Built from the very best materials, using high grade components, your Pro Tower Turbine will give you years of hassle free, reliable service
  • SunFX Equipment components are manufactured in Australia & assembled by SunFX America
  • Receive 40% OFF our Certification course when purchased with equipment
  • 1 Pro Tower System- choice of color
  • 2 Award Winning SunFX Pro Applicators
  • Portable Tan Tent
  • 2 Liters SunFX Premium Tanning Solution – enough for 50/60 tans
  • Soothe & Hydrate Solution Serum
  • Summer Secret Gradual Tan
  • Body Collection- Polish & Lotion
  • 50 Before/After Care Brochures
  • 50 pair Sticky Feet
  • eOwners/Training Manual
  • 2 year Factory warranty* on the Pro Tower System!
  • Receive 40% OFF our Certification course when purchased with equipment

What Solution Should I Start With?

  • If new to tanning our Mid Summer level, in either Bronzer, is perfect for all skin types. Those that are purchasing for a business and envisage a variety of skin types a Light, Mid and Dark makes it easy for your staff.

You have decided that you want to be a part of this fast growing, exciting,  fun and profitable industry. Whether you’re looking to add spray tanning to your salon or you’re ready to start your own mobile spray tan business, we are here to make sure that you receive the correct knowledge and required skills to become a confident and successful spray tan artist.

Your system does come with access to an etraining manual, however, we strongly encourage you to consider:

  • SunFX interactive online, virtual or face to face certification training   CLICK HERE
  • Save 40% on online training when purchased at the same time as your sunless tanning equipment

  • Turbine Size –9.5 in x 3 ft
  • Turbine Weight– 7 lbs
  • Applicator Weight – 8 3/4oz
  • Hose Length – 8 ft

Turbine designed to achieve 100 + tans per day

Easy twist & lock connections

Generates warm air for blow drying clients

Hose and Spray Applicators  compatible with both SunFX turbines

Easy to clean & maintain – no abrasive cleaning solutions required.

Here’s what makes SunFX Equipment unique

Designed and crafted by SunFX

2 year Factory warranty* on SunFX turbine

Lifetime Phone Support

Customer Reviews

(8 customer reviews)

8 reviews for Salon Spray Tan Package – Pro Tower

  1. jean

    Great addition to my Spa. Looks so professional and performs well. Love the height!

  2. Vanessa

    Love that everything is at waist height. Applicator is super easy to use and clean. Favorite solutions are Caribbean Choc Mid and Original Light. Clients love the Finishing Powder

  3. Beth

    Surprised at just how quiet this is compared to my old system

  4. Kirst

    OMG the support and customer service from this company is Amazing! None of my other suppliers compare.

  5. Juanita

    Great way to get this service into your salon. Has everything to start with

  6. Courtney

    I upgraded from the Mini to this machine for my Salon. It looks so smart and the height is great. Handy spot to store accessories in the top. Its also light enough to move around the room

  7. Stacey-Ann

    Quite the talking point. Clients expect a loud chunky machine and large spray gun. This looks like a piece of spa equipment and it works so well and very little over spray

  8. Bari

    Love my SunFX Machine so easy to use and clean!

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