SunFX & American Spa Sunless Tanning Article

This month American Spa Magazine features an article on Sunless Tanning with input from SunFX.

Sunless Tanning is a hot topic for the Spa Industry as people continue to embrace the health benefits of self tanning.

We, at SunFX, have certainly watched the industry change over the past 20 years! With expansion comes both the negative and the positive across the industry.

Whilst it is wonderful that the industry has grown customers are now faced with many, often confusing, choices regarding solutions and equipment. Consumers now have to navigate the mass produced cheap imported equipment as well as Tanning Solutions that are often not made by the company selling them. On top of this is the myriad of different claims and conflicting advice.

How do you sift through all the information to determine fact from fiction ?

For me it comes down to using a trusted source and being mindful of chat groups that have a dominant voice. Often this voice isn’t the expert and may well receive $$ compensation. Seemingly independent equipment reviews are a good example for this. My research shows the top google searches reveal sites all receiving Affiliated kick-backs when they mention systems and products they like. So I’d say a pretty biased viewpoint.

Ask yourself the following about the company you are considering?

Is Your Equipment a Generic Turbine and Generic Sprayer?

You want equipment that is made for Spray Tanning Solution not paint. The viscosity couldn’t be more different. You need an applicator that micro-mists, has minimal over-spray and is light weight. Your turbine also needs to run at a pressure that is made for the Applicator so that the perfect spray pattern is achieved. You don’ want to be twisting and adjusting your applicator settings throughout spraying your client.

Your equipment should not cost you an arm and a leg. It does, however, need to be robust and made to American standards. As we know cheap usually means you might just get 6-12 months if your lucky (just enough to take you past your warranty) before you start to run into issues. Do your research and find out where the equipment is made and what real support are you going to receive.

Can the company that supplies your equipment really warranty it effectively? 

SunFX turbines and spray applicators are designed and manufactured by us, this puts us in the unique position of being able to fix & repair all parts quickly. If you should have an issue with any part of your equipment the downtime for you is minimal. That is why we can run our Applicator Refurbishment Program for our loyal customers.

Do you really know the story of your Tanning Solution?

Firstly, deal with the people that actual make your solution as no one knows the ins and outs of their product better than the manufacturer.

Check your ingredients, expiry date and who/where actually manufacturers your solution. Then look at who you are purchasing from? Is it a distributor where the product may have sat for months before you even receive it ? Has it had to endure sea travel thus exposing the sensitive solution to extremes in temperature?  Or is it a private label product? It is also worth understanding the strength of the product – not just the fancy name that implies a level of color.

Consider price versus the % of DHA in the tanning solution and how many clients a liter will serve. Typically a $30 bottle will advise 12 to 15 tans as you need to do 2 to 3 coats to achieve adequate color. A liter of SunFX should always be enough for 25 to 30 clients with our equipment. Find out more about SunFX Solutions

What Ongoing Support Will You Receive?

If you have questions about your tanning equipment and using the tanning solutions who can you talk to?  With SunFX you can always be assured that you are not going to be speaking to a general Salesperson. You will always speak to a Certified Spray Tan Technician that has years of experience in the industry when placing an order or when reaching out for support. We ask that you use the support that we offer as nothing is more satisfying then a successful client.

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