You Can Apply Oils With A Spray Tan

Many people still associate the use of oils in their skincare regime as messy and pore clogging. There is also the misconception that the use of oils as a moisturize is a negative for spray tanned skin.

This is not entirely true. What they should say is “avoid mineral oils’. Mineral oils can clog pores and due to their large molecular size sit on the skin as opposed to being absorbed. There is also the concern that they are generally derived from a petrochemical source.

Vegetable and seed oils, on the other hand are extremely beneficial and considered one of the greenest beauty ingredients by natural beauty enthusiasts. However, not everyone wants to feel greasy here is where SunFX Ultra Hydrating Dry Oil is a welcome addition to your skincare routine.

What is a mineral oil?

Mineral oils are colorless, odorless, composed mainly of alkanes. Most are by-products of refining oil used to make gasoline and other petroleum products. They are found in a lot of drugstore and cheap body lotions and cosmetics.

What is a dry oil?

The term dry oil refers to the feeling that the oil leaves on your skin once applied. You will find that a quality dry oil doesn’t leave a heavy, oily layer on the surface of the skin. Dry oils are vegetable based and include grapeseed, safflower, sunflower & avocado oil.

What is a wet oil?

Wet oils are the vegetable oils that tend to be a little thicker and can be slower to absorb. They are great for those with dry, dehydrated skin as they not only lock in the moisture but help prevent water loss. Wet oils consist of jojoba, castor oil & coconut oil.

Benefits of SunFX dry oil

We have developed our oil to be a combination of wet and dry oils to allow for the skin to benefit from both types.

The dry oils will absorb quickly, and the wet oils will seal all the goodness in.

However, our clever, balanced formula still leaves the skin weightless and silky smooth.

For a truly luxurious approach we suggest applying after a warm shower and bath and then towel dry.

There are many benefits in using our dry oil in your skin and hair regime

  1. Lightweight and absorbed quickly
  2. Moisturize and lock in hydration
  3. Non greasy and heavy
  4. Great for oily skin
  5. Help soften the skin
  6. Soothing and can lessen breakouts
  7. Doesn’t not negatively affect tan

How else can SunFX dry oil be used?


Our Dry Oil is safe for use in your hair. Spray a little into the palm of your hands and smooth onto wet or dry hair to help protect and control frizz.


Absolutely, you can nourish and moisturize your face. Gently massage a little into your skin and neck in place of your face cream. Perfect for night time nourishment.


When spraying into your body massage any excess oil into your nails and cuticles so they can absorb all the wonderful goodness.

SunFX dry oil ingredients

In developing our dry oil we selected the purest oils we could source, premium botanical extracts and cutting edge additives. The result is a wonderfully balanced, luxurious blended oil that nourishes and supports the skin, especially skin that has received a spray tan.

You can take a look at the full listing here to see for yourself. Then do yourself a favor and try one and see how your skin loves it!