How To Mix Tanning Solutions & Additives

How To Mix Tanning Solutions & Additives


Here at SunFX we have developed our Sunless Tanning Solutions to be able to crack the bottle and pour for the perfect tan. However, we know that our spray tan specialists like to be able to mix and customize their tanning solution to create that super special unique tanning mix for their clients.

If  you have an interest in creating a bronzer, adjusting DHA strength or adding specific skin conditioning ingredients then read on!

How to Change DHA Strength?

You have been caught short and don’t have in stock the strength of tanning solution you want for a client or you may want a tanning solution that is a little darker than our Light Summer but not as dark as our Mid Summer and so on. What can you do? Believe me, it’s pretty simple to adjust the DHA level.

Firstly, there is are a couple of rules to follow:

  1. Know the strength of the SunFX Solutions you’re mixing.
  2. Only mix our Standard Solutions (5-8hr) together with our other Standard Solutions and only Rapids with other Rapids
  3. Use our recipe guide

Don’t forget that when wanting to increase DHA strength you can also use our DHA Booster Drops. These drops increase DHA potency. Instructions for use can be found here

How To Mix Tanning Solutions & Additives

Blending Bronzers

SunFX Bronzers are designed to match and blend with all skin tones regardless of neutral, warm or cool.  Remember these cosmetic bronzers only stain the skin for the first couple of washes. That said, some clients do have specific likes and preferences that you can accommodate. When blending, remember the same two rules we used for changing DHA strength apply.


  1. Mix SunFX Clear Coat (bronzer free) with either Original or Caribbean Chocolate for clients that only want a hint of bronzer
  2. A 50/50 mix of Original and Caribbean will be close to the Mocha Xpress Bronzer
  3. Super popular is the mix of 1/3rd Caribbean to 2/3 Original
  4. Try a dash of Violet Royal with any of our bronzers

Enhancing Ingredient Benefits 

Today’s sunless client is in tune and invested in their skin. SunFX allows you to fine tune your spray tan to specifically cater to their requests.  You are also in control and can consult on ingredients you can now add to benefit their skin and sunless tan outcome. SunFX enhancement drops allow you to add skin nourishing and conditioning elements that also increase the uptake of DHA into the epidermis to improve color and tan longevity. Our mixologist has created 3 powerful blends to choose from. These antioxidant blends can be used together.

Don’t forget we are always here if you need to chat with one of our Spray Tan Experts- info@sunfxamerica  888 684 3010 or take a look at our socials

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